A web services framework
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Rails Api
We made this charts using Apache Benchmark. We created one project per framework (Grape, Rails API, Sinatra and Angus) that provides a simple service 'get users' which return a list of users in JSON format with the default and basic configuration. In the Ruby environment we use Unicorn with defult configuration. With jRuby we use Mizuno. The test consisted of 1000 requests executed with a concurrency level of 100.

Why Angus

Angus is a REST-like API framework which fits perfectly with Ruby.

It is based on rack, so it can be used to complement an existing app or as standalone service to easily develop RESTful APIs.

It is a lightweight framework, with special focus on simplicity.

Angus is an excellent option for creating REST-like APIs


~gem install angus
  • Gemfile
source 'http://rubygems.org'

gem  'angus',  '0.0.12’


~gem install angus

~angus demo

~cd demo

demobundle install

demoangus server


Remote client

angus-remote gem provides a way to interact with a service created with Angus.


angus-authentication gem provides an authentication layer to Angus services.

More to come

We are creating some new features and gems to enrich Angus.